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Saturday, September 22 • 15:30 - 16:30
Connect with your Self - Self Realization & Empowered Living

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We live in exciting and also paradoxic times: Being technologically more connected than ever on the outside, many people feel that they are not connected with themselves on the inside. We talk much to each other, but we rarely take time to meet each other honestly and with an open mind - least of all the person we have the primary relationship with: Ourself.

We have so many opportunities, but we all too often behave and live on a mindset of scarcity, shame, comparison and disengagement. Many feel alienated from themselves and do not now what they really want or find themselves in circumstances that do not make them happy - yet they chose to experience them, because we always create what we have in our lives, knowingly or unknowingly. What we need is a change from MINDset to SOULset.

Myself, I "suffered" from this "not knowing what I want" for more than 10 years, letting me emotionally disappear from my own life, leaving me disempowered, not taking initiative and looking for the strength that I thought I lacked in intimate relationships. I was constantly driven by the fear of "not being loved", "not belonging", "not being allowed to be and live as I want" and a strong emphasis to make myself "fit in". Not a good state of mind to be in, as you can imagine.

In this short workshop I like to share some insights, experiences and practices from my way of "waking up" to myself (I am not at the end, although I already went a bit along my path), and what I came to understand as "living freely". Not "free from ...[fill in whatever you like to get rid off]", but (as Osho puts it) "free to... [fill in what it is you like to experience and manifest in your life]".

In the first part of this workshop (the one about "self-realization") I invite you to enter the space of no-mind, in which you will have the opportunity to meet your SELF - beyond all concepts, identifications, roles and your social identity that you have created around your sense of "who am I"? Using this fundamental question of self-inquiry like Ramana Maharshi did in India, this is all about BEING and FEELING, not conceptualizing or collecting information about something "out there" that can be found. 

The second part of this workshop (the one about "empowered living") we will look into the concept an feeling of your "calling", your intuition and what it really means to follow your heart and being in alignment. I want to share some simple practices with you that you can also apply for the rest of your life - because eventually, empowered living is a constant practice and a path and "attitude" to life that unfolds from moment to moment in which we learn to listen to our highest joy and actively create the reality we want by making conscious choices, using our emotions as a guidance system towards the desired realities that are aligned with our innermost core of being. 

You are a creator. So let's explore the question: Do you create according to your highest excitement or do you consume other people's dreams?

I am looking forward to meet you on saturday!



Saturday September 22, 2018 15:30 - 16:30 CEST
OG: Designstudio